Get Fluent Fast – What Your Cat’s Actions Probably Mean 

January 21, 2022by hunterspetsitting0

Get Fluent Fast – What Your Cat’s Actions Probably Mean 

Do you understand your cat? Has your cat repetitively been doing something that you want to figure out? Let’s get to the bottom of it! We’re not claiming to know this all as truth, but through research, we’ve found some interesting suggestions as to what your cat’s actions may mean. 

  1. Kneading 

Kneading is behavior that starts on day one! You may see cats do this in cartoons as well. They knead because it is how they would press on their mother’s stomach (mammary glands) as a kitten. This motion stimulates milk flow. Even grown up, many cats still knead as a form of relaxation. 

  1. “Gift” Giving 

This is not always a fun one to deal with. Let’s say your cat is outside, hunts down a rodent/bird/bug/and then they oh-so-graciously bring it back to you. Gross! In reality, this behavior is proof that the cat considers you part of the pack! 

  1. Staring Contest 

If your cat is having a staring contest with something or someone, it could mean that your cat is on high alert about that person, thing, or situation. One thing to keep in mind is to not join in on the contest. Like most animals, cats can see staring into their eyes for a long period of time as a threat or call to a fight. 

  1. Anti-Litter Box 

Is your cat using the restroom outside of his/her litter box? This one is a bit harder to decipher.  First, make sure that you have enough litter boxes for the amount of cats in your home. Second, did you just move or change the location of the boxes? Third, did the cat go through something traumatic or does he/she have anxiety? If you answered no to those three questions, consider getting your cat checked for underlying conditions like a bladder infection, UTI, urethral obstruction, constipation, etc.  

  1. Rolling on Back 

If your cat is rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ on its back, you have earned its trust! For both cats and dogs, lying on their backs leaves them in a vulnerable position. This means that the pet has bonded with you. If it get’s excessive, they just want to play! 

  1. Tail Twitch 

If your cats tail is twitching, do not panic! It’s a very normal thing for cats to do. Your cat is  probably very focused, but could also be twitching out of excitement for something! Maybe you just got home from work or are preparing food. 

  1. Rubbing on You 

Behaviorists call this cat rubbing “bunting”. Generally, this is when a cat rubs their head or bottom against you or other objects. This is a behavior that has evolved from the original “scent rubbing” as a way to mark territory.  

  1. Teeth Chattering

Have you ever noticed your cat’s teeth chattering intensely? It is thought that this behavior comes from the combination of both excitement and frustration. If you’re cat has not done this, they probably haven’t watched birds flying around lately! This noise can also turn into a sort of “chirp”. 

Take these eight cat behavior explanations into consideration the next time you see your cat showcasing one of them!

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