How good has your dog or cat been this year? After researching what trainers, groomers, and pet experts recommend, we’ve compiled a list the 2021 BEST Gifts for Pets. Even the most extra pet parents may have not heard of some of these. Whether you’re a dog person, cat person, or just an overall pet lover, we’ve got you covered! 

1 – Petcube Play 2: This is not your average pet monitoring system. Keep your eye on your pet via Wifi from your phone with this 1080p HD video that has a 160° ultra-wide angle view and night vision! It allows you to zoom in, chat with your pet with audio, and turn on the built-in laser toy that is controlled from your phone! 


2 – Custom Pet Poster “The General”: How hysterical are these pet portraits? Choose which image of your pet to use and create your very own poster! They are glossy and high-quality. Frame it for over their crate or gift one to someone you know who is also pet obsessed! 


3 – Aesop Animal Soap: This is a gentle, yet super effective option for your pet’s bath time. This soap cleanses while also calming sensitive skin. It includes lemon rind, tea tree leaf, and spearmint. Their bottles are also made from a minimum of 97% recycled plastics, which is an added bonus! 


4 – iFetch: Do you throw and throw the ball, but your dog never seems to get burnt out? Let them continue the fun with the iFetch! This toy launches miniature tennis balls. It is award-winning, works for outdoor or indoor (10, 20, or 30 feet) and ships within 2 days.


5 – DIY Doghouse: This easy-to-assemble wooden doghouse can be customized to match your home! Paint it, stain it, or add onto it to make it comfortable for your pet. The design is built and secured so that outdoor elements will not get inside. The maximum weight is 90 lbs. and all that is required for assembly is a screwdriver! 


6 – Custom Pet Portrait Phone Case: Ok, let’s be real… This one is more of a gift for yourself or another pet owner, but it’s too cute not to share! This company creates custom cases with an illustration of your dog or cat. They have been featured on HGTV, in Real Simple, on Refinery 29 and more. 


7 – Bolt Bite Dog Toy: This treat dispensing dog toy is made of natural rubber and is the perfect gift for larger breeds. It is long-lasting and durable, comes in several colors, and is safe to chew. It is currently on sale for $12.99. 


8 – Treat Maker: Think waffle maker, but take it up a notch! Create healthy treats for your pets by using natural ingredients and making them yourself. You can have bone-shaped snacks for your pups in just a few minutes. A portion of the proceeds benefits North Shore Animal League America based in New York! The non-stick cooker also comes with recipes for several different types of treats! 


9 – Banana Cat Scratcher: This unique cat scratcher is made of 100% eco friendly and recyclable corrugated cardboard. The banana shape also allows for it to wobble and rock, which cats tend to love and it doubles as a sofa! 


10 – Silhouette Throw: Who else loves to cuddle with their pet for warmth, especially this time of year? This adorable navy blue and white blanket is the perfect addition. It is human-sized, but also good to have on hand to put over your seats in your car after grooming or for cold days out! 


11 – Primatic Adjustable Dog Leash: This cotton rope dog leash is too adorable! It is handcrafted and dyed in New York. The ends are solid brass lockable carabiners designed for safety for pets of all sizes. You can clip your end of the leash around your waste, make a handle by clipping to the O-rings, or walk two dogs with a knot formed in the middle. 


12 – Personalized Pet Placemat: This is the perfect placemat for your pet’s feeding station. Put it under their water and food bowls to keep your floor clean. It is made of durable, waterproof polyester, making it simple to wipe clean, and non-slip backing to grip the floor. How do you clean it thoroughly? It’s MACHINE WASHABLE! Customize it with a photo of your pet! 


13 – Wickedbone Smart Bone: This toy is for both cats and dogs! Here’s how it works. Essentially, you choose between interactive auto-play modes, letting it do it’s thing, or you use an app on your phone to control the bone. There are 12 types of emotional driven systems. The bone reacts to casing, teasing, avoiding, touch etc. It’s easy-to-clean and has lots of battery life! 


14 – Peerless 76455 Sidekick Shower System: This combo shower system is the best! It includes a pet scrubber attachment, volume-adjusting dial, and tile cleaning attachment. There are five different spray patterns. It’s made of chrome and simple to install with no tools. 


15 – Custom Winter Coat: Ok, we know this is extra for living in Florida, but… can you resist? If you have travel plans to somewhere snowy or just want your pup to feel extra cozy on our few Winter weather days, this is an awesome gift. This company takes your color preference, dog measurements, and a photo to sew a custom coat for your pet. The coats are wind and waterproof with a polar fleece lining and reflective piping. They even include an added hood for warmth. 



16 – Cactus Cat Scratcher: MAJOR SALE ALERT! This Cactus Cat Scratching Post is on sale for $16.19 right now! It is designed to stand up to the power of playtime with its stable baseboard. Your kitty will scratch, paw, and climb it for hours. The top and bottom are made of a fabric plush material for cats to rub and nuzzle. 


17 – Groov Training Aid: Now this one is insanely clever! Fill the Groov with peanut butter or freeze it with it’s freezer shell, then place it in your dog’s crate. The dog will be consumed with the gadget and learn that the crate is not such a bad place to go! This lollipop-looking mold is more than just a training aid. It can also just be used as a reward! It is made of food-grade rubber. 


We hope that you enjoyed this list of gift ideas! Use this as inspiration to treat your pet!

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