5 Ways Switch Up You & Your Dog’s Exercise Routine

January 19, 2021by hunterspetsitting0

Are you and your dog getting bored of the same ol’ morning & evening walk route? The dog park in your apartment complex isn’t doing the trick anymore?

One of the best parts of having a dog as a pet is getting to exercise with them! By exercising together, not only does your dog burn off A LOT of energy, but it benefits your personal health as well!

Here are 5 unique and super fun ways to spice up your routine & exercise with your dog:

1. Go on a Hike
You may be thinking…”I live in Florida, where am I supposed to hike?!” If you’re willing to hop in the car for a short drive, you and your dog can venture to a nature trail such as the Seminole Wekiva Trail, a park like Lake Highland , or a conservation area like the Econlockhatchee Sandhills Conservation Area.
These are all great options for getting into nature and just taking in the scenes with your dog! It’s also a much less strenuous activity, perfect after a long day.

2. Go for a swim

A good chunk of Floridians are blessed with having pools in their backyards during our hot summer months…

If your dog’s not afraid of gettin’ in the water, take them for a swim! This is another exercise that is less strenuous and perfect if you just want to get yourself moving for 30 minutes.

3. Run in a Dog-Friendly 5k Together

Are you a running person…or do you think you could become a running person?

Well, this is the option for you! 5ks, half marathons, and other foot races are going on all the time in Central Florida. And guess what? Some of them happen to be dog-friendly!

You and your dog can build up your endurance together by training for and running in a 5k together! Imagine that post-finish line picture together with your medals. Priceless.

Check out this link for a complete list of races you can sign up for with your dog!

4. Resistance Walk

Willing to take a short car drive to the beach? Get on your best bathing suit, grab your dog, and get going! A resistance walk is a perfect option for all kinds of weather.

Whether it’s walking in the snow, or in our case…sand, a resistance walk is a sure fire way to get both of your legs working. Don’t worry, you can always take a dip in the water after!

5. Sign Up for an Exercise Class

Dog yoga? Agility classes? Together, you can have it all.
Did you ever think you’d be taking an exercise class with your dog? Probably not…but, look how much fun you’ll both have!

As you can see…there’s lots to do together to keep you and your dog’s exercise routine fresh. If you’re ready to switch it up, ditch the dog park and neighborhood walks, and get in your car! Not only is it good for your health, but it’s a chance for you and your dog to bond and spend time together.

So…what will it be? Crossing the finish line together in a glorious fashion, or hitting up some dog yoga classes?

This blog post was written by Kelsey Kryger. Kelsey is a fitness professional, writer, and social media manager. She has been a part of the HPS Team as their social media manager, blog writer, and pet sitter for nearly two years. When she’s not working on Hunter’s Pet Sitting’s latest blog post or sharing cute pics of furry clients, she’s hanging at home with her pup, Leo, and her kitten, Elvis!

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